Poland, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, the Baltic countries and the Nordic four countries except Denmark, is the traditional vodka-producing countries, these countries are referred to as “vodka belt.” Vodka belt countries that vodka only cereals and potatoes (at most, plus a beet molasses) is made out of vodka. This consensus and this consensus-based legislation is largely new vodka-producing countries to force out.

Compared with other foreign spirits, vodka manufacturing process is the most special distillation, filtration these two steps, it is these two processes, so that vodka has a lightly water qualities.

Before getting the vodka, the first ready broth – such as wheat liquor or wine category broth, separating out the maximum concentration of alcohol from thealcohol still , which is called the alcohol distillation.

The alcohol still use the boiling point of alcohol is lower than water.

Multi-column alcohol distillation. The reflux still make high purity and high recovery of the separation operation, the most widely used for the mixture of the components volatility equal or similar.